Engage with your audience during the current crisis that is COVID-19 – a global pandemic.

Social marketing is the process of interacting with your existing audience/customers, engaging and attracting the attention of new ones, and advertising yourself on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Over the past decade, social media has slowly dictated how the world works – chances are someone in the same room as you right now, whether at the office or at home is on one of these social channels such as Facebook?

It is with that example we illustrate the power of social media – virtually everyone has got it and spends a considerable amount of time on it.

We will now discuss the many benefits of social marketing.


What are the benefits of social marketing?

With such a broad audience to reach, the opportunities are endless when it comes to social marketing.

Do it right and you could reach millions, literally – all it takes is one viral post.


Nevertheless, the benefits of social marketing include:


  1. Reaching a wider audience
  2. Increased brand awareness
  3. Interacting with your existing audience
  4. Increased lead generation
  5. Cost-effective & increased efficiency 


We will now break these down one by one.


1.     Reaching a wider audience

The power of social media allows you to reach a much wider audience than organic search traffic alone.

You can tailor advertisements on these platforms to specific individuals and interests, whether fishing, an interest in a specific magazine, or a geographical location.

You can even directly target your competitors and their audience.


2.     Increased brand awareness

The more you promote your content/website, the more brand awareness you will gain. The more consistent you are, the better.

Increased brand awareness allows people to associate your product with your brand, if they then develop trust and/or a relationship with this brand then they are more likely to make a purchase.


3.     Interacting with your existing audience

Social media marketing allows you to interact and build relationships with your existing audience.

The more you interact and provide high-quality content for your audience, whether informative blog posts, pictures, questionnaires, or anything in-between, you must engage your audience at all times – remind them why they followed you in the first place, or why they should follow you.

This is a powerful tool in the business world, promoting an increase in lead generation.


4.     Increased lead generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting new customers to your product/service.

As mentioned previously, the more consistent you are posting, as well as the type of audience you target, the more likely you are to generate further leads for your business.

Increased lead generation often results in increased sales, whether you’re offering a physical product or service or an online one.


5.     Cost-effective & increased efficiency

Finally, social media marketing is both cost-effective and highly efficient. For such a small budget, sometimes as little as $10 you can reach over 1,000 new customers – let that sink in for a little.

Depending on the price of your product, that could be as little as one purchase to make this money back.

There are various tools to further increase the efficiency of your social marketing strategy.

For example, using given software you can post to all social media platforms from one place – saving time and effort, and in some cases the need to employ other staff.

Likewise, you can also set up a content library – allowing easy access to both videos, pictures, and blog posts to send to your audience (segmented or not).


Why does social marketing matter now, more than ever?


By now, we hope you know of COVID-19, a strand of the coronavirus forming a global pandemic.

This has forced many businesses to shut, millions have lost their jobs, over 286,000 individuals have sadly lost their lives, and many are now left to self-isolate, forced inside, and left to quarantine from the outside world.

Such an unprecedented event has had particularly negative consequences for small businesses – especially those who were already struggling before the virus.

Many businesses have lost contact with customers and lost some customers entirely, but this doesn’t have to be the end.

There’s still a way to engage with your audience and rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Don’t let the virus break you and your business.


Rise from the ashes with social media marketing and lead generation

Social marketing could very well be the answer to all your problems. If the recent COVID-19 pandemic has had unfortunate consequences for your business, including reduced lead generation then listen up.

If you haven’t already set up social media accounts for your business, now is definitely the time to do so.

We recommend using a platform that incorporates all social media platforms into one, increasing efficiency and cost concerning both time and money.

With a click of a button, you can reach customers you never thought you’d be able to – helping both them during the pandemic, perhaps providing an essential product and helping and growing your business alike.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, you can target geographical location, especially useful for small businesses.

You want to target this area and the surrounding region (to an extent) promoting your product to those who could be interested.

With social marketing, you can also make use of intelligent lead generation – setting up lead searches based on factors such as keywords (e.g. essential services in Texas), your location, and much more!

You can monitor your analysis to see how well your social marketing strategy is working and analyzing the demographic, allowing you to make tweaks to best increase lead generation.


The bottom line 

The consequences of the recent COVID-19 pandemic have been unfortunate for many small businesses.

However, we’re throwing you a lifeline and letting you know the power of social marketing – a powerful tool ideal for increasing lead generation.

During these unprecedented times, this allows you to find new customers, to most importantly make ends meet, to help those in need (depending on your product), and most notably keep your business afloat, if not improved.

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